About us

Over 55 Years of Medical Device Sales and Development
Wasel First Medical is a Specialty Healthcare Organization dedicated to bringing innovative medical devices to the market. Our Mission:
Dedicated to delivering clinically differentiated critical care technology that saves lives throughout the world.
Innovative Airway Management Devices for EMS & Acute Care
Ours is a customer-focused culture. We design, manufacture and distribute our own leading-edge airway management product line worldwide and represent cutting edge technology from other manufacturers exclusively.
Resuscitators and Airway Management to Meet Your Needs
Known for innovative manufactured products with Flow-Safe disposable CPAP devices, Neo-Tee T-Piece resuscitators and other airway management technology we continually strive to meet our customer requirements and expectations. Ongoing support and training is provided via our continuing education and training seminars including access to clinical specialists ensuring that the transition to premium high-tech patient care is seamless.
Our History of Quality Medical Devices Supports Your Team and Patients
Wasel First Medical has been in business for over 55 years and is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. We maintain an inventory of equipment and repair parts. Aligning with Wasel First Medical, you partner with a company spanning more than 55 years of medical device innovation. Keeping health care ahead of the curve with the latest technology is our specialty. Our Mission is Based on 5 Core Values
The goal of Wasel First Medical is to provide customers with quality products at competitive prices with an underlying theme of understanding each customer’s needs and fulfilling those needs with sensitivity, professionalism, high ethics, and optimal quality in products and service.
Wasel First Medical’s goal and responsibility is to provide the community, its employees and its customers the highest degree of quality and competency within all phases of company processes. All of Wasel First Medical’s products are produced according to the appropriate policies and actions needed to meet safety guidelines and ensure accuracy, cleanliness and timelines to its customers.
Wasel First Medical’s 5 Core Values are: