New Ideas

Your New Idea Can Become a Life Saving Medical Product
WASEL FIRST Medical is interested in learning about your new product ideas because we know that innovation is at the heart of healthcare today. We recognize that even the smallest idea has the potential to positively impact medical technology and, ultimately, save lives. Because we are dedicated to better patient outcomes, we are always looking for opportunities to further improve the quality of healthcare. We continually explore opportunities to partner with inventors and companies that can benefit from our engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities.
We encourage you to contact us to review your invention.
Your Innovation
What stage is your device in? Are you looking for funding to begin device development or do you have a fully finished device? Have you completed a thorough patent search to verify that your device does not infringe on any intellectual property?
While we will review all submissions, WASEL FIRST Medical generally takes on devices that are closer to commercialization.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Our Mutual Confidentiality Agreement ensures that any information shared will be kept confidential. After completing WASEL FIRST’s Mutual Confidentiality Agreement, please proceed to complete the New Product Form found in the next section.
Obtain our WASEL FIRST Medical Non-Disclosure Agreement
Complete New Product Form
WASEL FIRST Medical has a New Product Form for potential business partners to fill out. This form is crucial in our evaluation process. Of particular importance on this form is the description of the device, the value proposition, and the competitive market matrix in which you will compare your device to others like it on the market.
Please feel free to also include graphics of your device as well as any additional information that you feel may aid WASEL FIRST in our decision.
Download our New Product Form
Evaluation Process
Our Business Development Team will meet and review the various materials that you have submitted. Our team will then determine whether your device will align with WASEL FIRST Medical’s core competencies and corporate objectives.
Some of the factors we consider include:
o Is the product innovative?
o How does the product demonstrate a clear improvement in patient care?
o How does the product enhance safety for the patient or the healthcare provider?
o Clinical evidence that demonstrates the product improves care and/or safety.
o Does the product fit within clinical practice?
o Does the product have a value proposition?
o What is the market opportunity for this product and the potential for growth?
o How many competitors are in this market?
o What is the pricing for this product and what is the competitor’s pricing?
o What is the sales opportunity; will this be an exclusive agreement?
o What geography would WASEL FIRST be responsible for?
o How complex is the sales process?
o How well does the potential business partner know WASEL FIRST?
o What type of relationship is the potential business partner looking for?
Please allow 4-8 weeks for WASEL FIRST Medical to make a decision regarding your submission.
Thank you for choosing to share your idea with WASEL FIRST!